Specializing In

  • Managing difficult emotions such as depression, grief, anxiety and anger
  • Life Transitions such as birth, death, marriage, divorce, relocation, change in job.
  • Family of Origin Issues such as shame, lack of self confidence, fear, low self esteem
  • Gaining greater self awareness


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Let my office be your safe harbor.

Congratulations on beginning or continuing your journey to heal. We all want to be healthy, happy, understood. But life often presents unexpected challenges that create stress, resurface old hurts or stir-up painful memories. During these times, a supportive ear and thoughtful guidance can facilitate moving forward and promote healing.

Sometimes people seek out therapy for support during a stressful period or time of crisis. Others maybe experiencing ongoing dis-ease such as depression, or pain set in motion in childhood through abuse or trauma. Perhaps you are fairly content and want to gain greater awareness and experience more joy. Though the reasons for entering therapy may differ, one thing remains the same... the importance of entering this therapeutic relationship with someone who you can learn to trust, who you feel will understand, care and bring skills and expertise to help you grow.

I believe that we all strive towards health, and carry with us a set of strengths. Successful therapy draws upon those strengths and endeavors to build even more. We also all bring with us a lifetime of experiences, positive and negative that shape our view of ourselves and life around us. With you, I explore past and present so we can both gain insight about your patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving. In doing so, we can then work to keep what is effective and change what is not. Therapy is often uncomfortable and sometimes painful. However it is often punctuated with laughter and insight, and pride about changes made. My wish for you is that it is also filled with hope... hope for change, hope for health, and hope for joy and peace. It takes courage to enter into therapy. I would be honored if you chose to collaborate with me on your own personal journey of discovery.